• Ministry of Defence, Defence Headquarters Complex, Sri Jayawardenepura,Kotte, Sri Lanka

Who We Are

The Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (NAHTTF) was established in the year 2010 to coordinate the efforts to combat human trafficking among the stakeholders who are actively participating in activities related to Human Trafficking.

There were 19 stakeholder institutions that work closely in the NAHTTF. The Ministry of Justice as the Chair of the task force convened regular meetings to assess the activities of the member institutions, and liased with various organizations to effectively combat human trafficking in the country.

On 19th July 2021, the Chairmanship of the National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force was shifted to the Ministry of Defence through a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers with a view to establishing an enhanced institutional mechenism that directly coordinates with the investigation authorities and the intelligence services to combat human trafficking.

Our Objectives

1. Increase efforts in creating greater awareness among all relevant state and non-state stakeholders at both national and local levels on human trafficking and on the referral mechanisms ultimately contributing to the reduction of levels of vulnerabilities that lead to trafficking.

2. Improve appropriate assistance to and protection of victims of human trafficking based on a holistic, victim-centered approach.

3. Build instrumental capacity of relevant stakeholders to be able to provide effective protection and assistance to victims of Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

4. Enhance the capacity of stakeholders with appropriate skills and capabilities for effective identification/detection, investigations, and prosecution of the crime.

5. Building and improving national and international coordination to address human trafficking. implementing strategies/ actions to respond to human trafficking in an effective manner.

6. Strengthen coordination and partnerships with government, non-government organizations, and the private sector to support a comprehensive response to human trafficking.

Other activities we are engaged in


Educating members of the Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and related organizations about the root causes and ground realities of sex trafficking and labour trafficking.


Liasing and coordinating with civil society organizations to benefit from their insights and inputs and work together in partnership to combat human trafficking.

You can reach out to us

HTHSMCD - Human Trafficking ,Human Smuggling and Maritime Crimes Divisions (Police)

• Jaffna District Unit – 076-2525410
• Trincomalee – 070-8077239
• Mannar – 070-2571553
• Rathmalana – 077-1274375
• Beruwala – 077-6694537
• National Child Protection Authority Hotline – 1929
• Victim and Witness protection authority - 1985

Collaborations and Coalitions

Community members, agencies, and organizations must come together to combat human trafficking locally. We explore the possibilities in providing development assistance so that communities can develop their own coalitions to combat human trafficking.

Legislative Efforts

Currently in the process of reviewing and ammending related legislations to put in place a more effective legislative framework to address the crime of human trafficking with a more victim centered approach.