• Ministry of Defence, Defence Headquarters Complex, Sri Jayawardenepura,Kotte, Sri Lanka


In view of strengthening the strong ties between the Government of the United States of America and Government of Sri Lanka in the process of combating Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka and preparing the TIP Report for the year 2023 to be submitted to the United States State Department, a face to face meeting was conducted between Major General J R Kulatunga, Chief of National Intelligence and Mr. Matthew Hinson, Political Officer representing the Embassy of the United States of America in Sri Lanka. This meeting was held at the conference room of the National Intelligence Division (NID) with the participation of Ms. Mayuri Perera, Secretary to the National Anti Human Trafficking Task Force (NAHTTF) and other members of the Internal Committee of the NAHTTF.

During the discussion, Mr. Hinson was interested in knowing the present status of the measures against Human Trafficking taken up by the Government highlighting the series of Human Trafficking incidents in the Sultante of Oman. In response, Ms. Mayuri Perera gave a brief explanation on the history of the Human Trafficking incidents in Oman and the reasons why people are not hesitant in making such risky decisions to migrate illegally at present.

Further, the Chief of National Intelligence elaborated how Human Trafficking has been a threatening factor on innocent people's lives and a number of suggestions were made by both the Chief of National Intelligence and Ms. Mayuri Perera to uplift the awareness on Human Trafficking among general public and strengthen law enforcement authorities and legislation process for the purpose of combating this life threatening issue.

Mr. Hinson bid adieu after a productive and detailed conversation with the Internal Committee and expressed his full and strong willingness to the Chief of National Intelligence to extend his support and cooperation in this giant effort as similarly as his predecessor did.